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Design notes for Jake’s clients 🌱 Wildlife & food forest garden designer 🌳 💚

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Wild Paddock home 🏡


Consultation for creating a wildlife, ornamental and food forest garden design from a 1½ acre paddock. Provide a foundational road map, including detailed planting plans, species list and budget breakdown. Naturalistic planting with subtle symmetry & well-situated seating.

Sketch with highlighters on map

Site is east-facing with clay soil, woodland scrub to the north, neighbours to the east, road to the south, house to the west.

1. Key requirements

  1. Support diversity of wildlife
  2. Low maintenance & sustainable
  3. Optimise aesthetics & screening

2. Features

  1. Pond, clay-lined wildlife
  2. Hedges, double thickness native hedge screen
  3. Paths, perimeter & grass
  4. Native, useful wild flowers & herbs
  5. Ground cover, 80% grass
  6. Edible trees & big shrubs
  7. Sculpted dead hedges
  8. Wild flower meadow
  9. Diverse habitat for wildlife
  10. Connection with kitchen garden
  11. Maintain access to underground electric cable
  12. Budget for maintenance!

I like gardening but I do like to do other things

2.1 Pond

2.2 Hedges

2.3 Paths

2.4 Native

2.5 Ground cover

2.6 Edible

2.7 Dead hedges

Dead hedge

2.8 Meadow

2.9 Habitat

2.10 Kitchen garden

2.11 Electric cable

Plan of electric cable

2.12 Maintenance


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