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Design notes for Jake’s clients 🌱 Wildlife & food forest garden designer 🌳 💚

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Syra home 🏡



A magical woodland forest garden, with native plants, ornamentals and edibles, filled with life and colour. And lots of paths and somewhere to sit down.

Path in cleared woodland marked out with string
Top path of wooded area marked out with the string

“The territory is the map” (with apologies to Alfred Korzybski)

In contrast to my normal practise, the garden has been designed in situ, using locally sourced bamboo and cotton twine to mark out paths, and larger canes to mark out trees. To bastardise Alfred Korzybski’s quote, the territory is the map, so I won’t be creating a CAD plan here.

Green bamboo cut on the grass
Green bamboo from the garden used to mark out

Check the spreadsheet for species, and this video for locations:


Weavily woven bundles of brash through trees by grass
Rather tidy dead hedge by John Little

White blossomy blossom of Amelanchier lamarckii
Amelanchier lamarckii blossom

White tree trunks, red underplanting
Silver Birch underplanted with Red Dogwood


Illustration for creating log steps
Illustration for log steps. Click for hi-res.

4 paths traverse the hillside, need levelling with an edge. Log steps on steep paths.


Screenshot of livestream

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