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Clifftop Garden 🏡


Screenshot of satellite photo & CAD Pink rose

The modern detached house is hewn out of the steeply sloping valley, with a steep cliff edge to the north and east.

The irregularly shaped south facing garden is situated to the east of the house and is on 3 different levels, covering an area of about 15m by 15m. The usable area is about 12m by 8m.

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Water bowl

A secret, ornamental wildlife garden, full of scented plants and native wild flowers for insects. There’s a hidden pergola and seating, draped with climbers, with views down the valley. The structure is defined by a curving path and fruiting, evergreen shrubs.

Lots of wildlife, lots of scent, privacy, and a sense of seclusion.

The colour scheme is pinks, purples, reds and white.

color palette

There’s no access to the lower level, so it is covered with low-maintenance and shrubs, with a small specimen ornamental tree. The rock face is laid with erosion control roll and planted with non-competitive fescue grass for binding the soil and native wild flowers.

Cornus kousa flowers

Below the house is a steep slope, covering an area of about 8m by 3m. Replacing the Buddleia at the top will be a colourful hedge for privacy, with relaxed planting below of ferns and other woodland plants.

Tapestry Lawn


Rough pergola

Post and rail fence Wooden bench Erosion control roll on bank on stream

Tapestry Lawn species

Scented, full sun or part shade.

Plant ideas

Red & yellow Strawberry Tree fruit

Fragrant plants, evergreen shrubs, perennial insect-friendly wild flowers…


Pen sketch of cartoon trees & shrubs from road Pen sketch of view of garden from upstairs window Pen sketch of view from pergola


Screenshot of livestream

Livestreams of design process


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